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There are plenty of amazing and beneficial herbs all over the world that most of us have never heard about or tapped into. Thus, all the amazing benefits they can offer remain hidden. One of such plants is Plu Kao (Houttuynia cordata). The herb is mostly popular due to its incredible medical benefits. Plu kao is found in northern part of Thailand, it contains high level of beta glucan. However, its breed and planting ground are also variables which affect its medical properties. Our pharmacists and researchers have spent decades of year encompassing local wisdom to study this herb. Finally, they came up with the
best selection of raw materials and procedures to extract the supplement to the most effective formula. Thus, we are proud to present you with UC, a Plu kao extract product to deliver highest benefits to our customers.

We are looking ahead to bring even more benefits to customers’ lives. Along with Thailand and many countries are now or are approaching aging society. Moreover, pollutions and mental stress due to works and industrial developments in big cities can cause varieties of health problems. We truely believe that our product can help our consumers live longer and healthier.

UC is a Plukao extract with cordyceps extract dietary supplement product Certified by CODEX GMP & HACCP and Thai FDA. Manufactured by Herbtec International Ltd. Owned and Distributed by QTEC Intertrade Company Limited.

UC dietary supplement capsule is made of herbal extract: Plu Kao (Kao Tong)extract with special technique i.e. biological fermentation into dry powder at high concentration and efficiency for taking care of holistic health of the body. Plu Kao herb extract is produced by plant and bacterial substances: Lactobacillus casei,Lplantum, S.cerevisiae to stimulate immunity.

Why UC Plukao Helps your Health better ?


Eliminates toxins and antioxidant

Because Plu Kao herb has high antioxidant content especially Quercetin, a chemical compound, which attachesto the iron chelator that circulates in the blood stream to not enhance the hydroxyl group free radical, which is highly toxic to not damage tissues and organs. The herb contains hormones, enzymes, essential oils, or biochemical that work together to eliminate the toxin.


Stimulates the immune system

the Experiences from this Plu Kao herbal extract formula users indicate that Beta glucan from fermented Plu Kao herbal extract water has the ability to stimulate the bone marrow


Balances the body

Many substances in Plu Kao herb have the ability to stimulate the body to produce red blood cells, leukocytes, platelets, and stem cells making the cell system functions oƒ the body organs, such asendocrine, the thyroidgland, vascular wall cells, cells that are the structure of the normal anal sphincter, urinary tract sphincter, and the sphincter between the gastric tubes and gastric to be normal or make the disease caused by too much or too little testosterone or estrogen production to return to normal. This helps adjust the balance of the body. Cordyceps extract has been added in the UC supplements to help boost blood flow and antibacterial activity, nourish the kidney, and help keep the body healthy.

Note: After taking UC supplements, there is usually a healing crisis, which will disappear in 3-4 days(except it might take up to 10 days and repeated for some people). After the healing crisis, the symptoms of the disease will start to disappear. It can be said that the healing crisis is the hidden desire of the body in finding a way to access good health, which is by removing waste from the body. In the healing crisis, all part of the body work together to eliminate toxins then start creating a new tissue to replace the old(drink plenty of water and rest sufficiently during the healing crisis)


Reason for treatment

1. Left arm numbness Indicate heart’s weakness
2. Foot pain Indicate kidney’s weakness
3. Pain at the back of head or neck indicate blood pressure problems
4. Cough indicate that there is toxin released from lungs
5. Bad breath indicate that stomach is adjusting
6. Fever indicate that there is too much
acid in the body and it needs water to dispel it.
7. Body ache indicate blood flow problems
8. Smelly urine with sediment indicate that kidney has too much toxin or the body is trying to dispel toxin through kidney
9. Red eye indicate that liver has too much toxin and trying to dispel it.
10. Blurred vision, sleepy, squeamish indicate that liver is adjusting, body had high acid level
11. Eye irritation indicate unusual emotions, indicate stress or anger
12. Nasal mucus indicate that there is too much toxin in the body and it is dispelled through lungs
13. Rash, itchy skin indicate that body is trying to dispel toxin that is insoluble in water

Order Plu Kao

Price :

60 capsules /2,500 Baht

30 capsules/1,300 baht

UC Plu Kao Plu Kao Herb Extract with Cordyceps extract Dietary Supplement is also used for modern medical treatment complement for cancer, diabetes, allwergy, acid reflux, senile dementia, paralysis, thyroid gland toxicity, leg pain, back pain, gout, herniated disc, asthma, keratitis, osteoporosis,sinusitis, rhinitis, anemia, thalassemia, migraine, kidney disease, rheumatoid, stroke, tuberculosis, and lung infection of the virus, bacteria, and fungus. It also rejuvenates the skin.


  • Plu Kao extract 350 mg/capsule
  • Cordyceps extract 50 mg/capsule

Dose Consumption :

1-2 capsule before meal daily.

Case Studies

From real user who achieve the best results.

Paresis :

Mr.Putthipong is right hemiparesis with impaired speech, could not help himself, and has been treated with both modern medicine and physical therapy for more than 2 years. e has continuously consumed Plu Kao herbal extracts fot 5 months now he  can walk, help himself, and speak more clearly.


The effect of taking Plu kao herbal extract for 10 consecutive days.

Diabetic foot ulcer

The effect of taking Plu kao herbal extract for 7 consecutive months.

Thyroidism, Herniated nucleus pulposus,  5 torn shoulder ligaments

Mrs.Visakha, 55 years old has been suffering from cogenitial illness : thyroidism, herniated nucleus pulposus and 5 torn shoulder ligaments. She had been treated with modern medicine : taking medication : consuming medicine, undergoing surgeries, intravenous injection, and acupincture for a long time without any succcess. She has continuously consumed Plu Kao Herbal extract for 3 months with better overall health condition and she is ble to work normally.

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